The Quantified Argument Calculus and Natural Logic

  • Hanoch Ben-Yami
Keywords: Quantified Argument Calculus, Natural Logic, formalisation of Natural Language arguments, conjunctive predicates, comparative adjectives, defining clauses, comparative quantifiers, negative nouns


The formalisation of Natural Language arguments in a formal language close to it in syntax has been a central aim of Moss’s Natural Logic. I examine how the Quantified Argument Calculus (Quarc) can handle the inferences Moss has considered. I show that they can be incorporated in existing versions of Quarc or in straightforward extensions of it, all within sound and complete systems. Moreover, Quarc is closer in some respects to Natural Language than are Moss’s systems – for instance, is does not use negative nouns. The process also sheds light on formal properties and presuppositions of some inferences it formalises. Directions for future work are outlined.